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In this world your insureds will be able to enjoy the pleasure of travel with complete peace of mind whatever their destination, with the guarantee and backup of the widest range of travel insurance.

Adapted to the needs of your business
Travel Assistance

Personal protection for the traveller and accompanying persons for every destination and type of travel. Coverage is tailored to the insurers and their clients: from medical assistance to cover potential costs associated to expensive medical treatment that can be required during a trip, to travel cancellation insurance, loss of baggage, or roadside assistance.

We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
Transfer and Repatriation

This insurance covers the cost of transfer to the place of origin in the case of accident, illness or death.

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Adapted to the needs of your business
Medical Centres

Quality health service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for foreign and local patients with the latest equipment and a multi-lingual medical team.

Marketing and Distribution

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA products and services can be added to our partner’s portfolio through direct inclusion schemes or distributed as an option.

To help market these products, they are offered in turnkey service-provision mode or in distribution mode underwritten directly by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA or our partner, in this last case under a reinsurance scheme.

All programmes and insurance policies are designed so that they can be offered under our partner’s brand.