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A world in which MAPFRE ASSISTANCE rapidly and effectively provides the solution that best fits its clients. We have been designing roadside assistance programmes for more than two decades, identifying problems and developing services to become leading experts in the sector.

Adapted to the needs of your business
Roadside Assistance

Covers the assistance needs of the driver, passengers and vehicle in the case of any contingency or difficulty that makes it impossible for the journey to continue following an accident or breakdown.

We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
Replacement Vehicle

Availability of a replacement vehicle while the insured’s vehicle is being repaired.

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We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
Secondary towing

Transport service for a vehicle which, for different reasons, cannot be driven from the car depot to a particular workshop.

Complementary Vehicle Services

These services help insurers with claims processing and cost control, through management of claim notifications and provision of assistance during accidents, with advice from adjusters and control of repairs.

Marketing and Distribution

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA products and services can be added to our partner’s portfolio through direct inclusion schemes or distributed as an option.

To help market these products, they are offered in turnkey service-provision mode or in distribution mode underwritten directly by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA or our partner, in this last case under a reinsurance scheme.

All programmes and insurance policies are designed so that they can be offered under our partner’s brand.