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A world in which MAPFRE WARRANTY offers a wide range of policies and coverage to protect all manner of objects and credit card use

Adapted to the needs of your business
Extended Warranty on Home Appliances and other devices

Extension of the manufacturer’s warranty for an additional 1 to 5 years. Product marketed individually or as an added value for home insurance policies.

We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
Mobile and Gadget Insurance

Protection against the extra costs that can arise when mobiles and gadgets sustain unforeseeable loss or damage.

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Purchase Protection

This covers damage due to robbery or accident caused to goods acquired using a credit or debit card.

We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
Fraudulent Use

Cover which guarantees the reimbursement of all expenses resulting from a fraudulent use during the 24 hours prior to notifying the robbery or loss of a credit/debit card.

Marketing and Distribution

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA products and services can be added to our partner’s portfolio through direct inclusion schemes or distributed as an option.

To help market these products, they are offered in turnkey service-provision mode or in distribution mode underwritten directly by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA or our partner, in this last case under a reinsurance scheme.

All programmes and insurance policies are designed so that they can be offered under our partner’s brand.

ATM Robbery Insurance

Insurance against robbery at cash dispensing machines. This special cover protects any transactions made using the card in case of robbery.

We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
Best Price Guaranteed

This insurance guarantees the difference between the price paid for a new item in a store and the price the client finds in another store for the same product.

We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
PPI Payment Protection Insurance

Payment protection exempting the insured from paying the instalments corresponding to a purchase made on credit or with financing in the case of incapacity, illness or involuntary unemployment.