Your home. Our world

A world in which your insureds can enjoy the best home assistance. The most advanced cover to satisfy client needs and bring them complete peace of mind.

Adapted to the needs of your business
Home Assistance

Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year which quickly resolves any emergency situation in your home thereby avoiding further damage.

We protect what matters most, your peace of mind
Home Claims Management

Guarantees the intervention of MAPFRE ASSISTANCE professionals in claims covered by the insured’s policy with the scope tailored to the client insurer’s requirements. The insured just has to make a phone call. We take care of the repairs.

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Marketing and Distribution

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA products and services can be added to our partner’s portfolio through direct inclusion schemes or distributed as an option.

To help market these products, they are offered in turnkey service-provision mode or in distribution mode underwritten directly by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA or our partner, in this last case under a reinsurance scheme.

All programmes and insurance policies are designed so that they can be offered under our partner’s brand.